Questions To Ask Before Hiring Roofing Contractors

If your roof has loose shingles and broken parts, a roofing company should check it immediately. Perhaps it is time to have your roof changed or to have other parts fixed. Roofing contractors in Houston, TX are skilled and experienced workers who are ready to help you with any of your roofing needs. Before hiring a contractor, ask several questions regarding their company or their past projects in order to have background on what to expect.

Ask about being licensed. This should be the first question you clarify with a roofing contractor. Different states have different codes regarding being licensed so research beforehand and have a general idea about code requirements in Houston. Only work with contractors who have fulfilled the needed licenses and permits.

Ask about insurance. It is necessary that before they start working on your house that they are covered by liability insurance. In the case of an emergency, liability insurance can protect you from shouldering the cost of an accident. Any damage to your roof or property must be covered by insurance as well.

Ask about a contact person on-site. You should always have a clear line of communication while your roof is being fixed. Someone who is in-charge of the on-site project should be easily reached whenever there are important things to discuss. Any of your questions should be answered right away and on-site manager must be ready to do so.

Ask about a drip edge or edge metal installation. Drip edge or edge metal is a piece of aluminum used to make the water drip into the gutters instead of behind it. This helps prevent any water damage or leaks that can occur in the future. Some roofers tend to skip this job unless you ask about it, which is why it is important that this issue is brought up before starting the roof repairs.

Ask about ladder stabilizers or standoff. Ladder stabilizers or standoffs protect your gutters during roof repairs. It serves as a cushion for your gutters instead of having to carry the weight of the workers. The ladder tends to lean in on the gutters and the stabilizers can prevent that from happening. Your gutter has to remain intact during and after the whole roof repairs have been completed.

Ask about containers for refuse. The old materials that will be removed from your roof can cause a whole lot of mess on your property. Any roofing company must be able to provide a container for all the refuse and they must dispose of it as well. You should not be in-charge of cleaning up your property after the repairs have been done, as it is the responsibility of the roofing company to get rid of the refuse.